Opener Airbnb checkin

Hello ,
is only the “ *Continuous Mode” for airbnb guest checkin ?
Or also “ring to open” or Bluetooth or geofencing support … ?
Or can I only with the mail & app?
Continuous Mode for a long time and many people is not safe for my house …

I waiting for my Opener … and hope for good airbn support :slight_smile:

We’ll offer both. No App needed using Continuous Mode during the check-in time window and/or App supported opening with the App during the stay. In addition you can also add a Keypad to the Opener (if your building allows to place it within BLE range of the Opener) and use the same Keypad code for the main entrance and for the door to the apartment.

Note: Not all of that is available at the moment.

Hi Jürgen, is there any communication between keypad and opener implemented yet?

In addition to my answer in Nuki Opener and Key Pad :

Yes, the keypad can be connected and used for an Opener like for a Smart Lock. But keep in mind that it can only be paired to one device at once and you have to have it in bluetooth range of this device to work (and bluetooth coverage varies a lot based on the envorionment it is used in).

Is implemented & works fine in several locations. Thanks for your suport!

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