Old FOB Gen1

Is it really so that we can not use Gen1 Fobs with Smartlock 2.0. My android app 2.0.2 does not allow the old Fobs.

If so: any chance for a hardware update with moneyback like with the lock?


It’s just not possible to manage the Nuki Fob 1.0 with the Nuki App.

You have to pair the Fob directly with the Lock:

Press the Button on the Lock and hold it until it gets into pairing mode (Ring on the lock is completely light up)

Then press the button on the Fob ans hold it until the Fob blinks.

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Thanks, that helped.

Is it possilbe to change the Fob’s name to e.g. “CAT Fob”? Or will the next one be “Nuki Fob2”?

Normally, if you edit the Users Name, the Name of the Fob should also be changed in the Log.

thanks, it worked in the app (android) but not online, where I tried it first.

(sorry for my late answer, I was abroad and offline).

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