Office entrance

For working hours at the office, we would like the lock to be continuous unlocked and only “open” the door. As there are people in the building going in and out. Only for set times, or after the initial unlock has started this should happen.

Is there a way to configure the lock to just open based on the keypad and return to unlocked mode once the door is closed.

It will help on battery use, and in our case noise as the lock and door are directly in the office space.

Love to see your feedback, suggestions and best practices

If I understand correctly, you just need to disable the auto lock feature. This is the way I have it set up, and it only locks via scheduling at night:

I’m not sure if the keypad integration changes something though.

Probably the best setting for such a scenario is to use Night Mode for non-office hours and activate Auto-Lock during Night Mode. This will relock the door only when there is no one in the office and will not lock it when the office is occupied. Night-Mode does not distinguish between work days and weekends/holidays, but that is usually a minor problem because the door is never unlocked during those days anyways.

Thanks! When i get back ill change and test