Odd Notifications at 2-3 AM (Nuki Opener and Smart Lock)

Ok, so at first I thought this was a minor hick-up when I received a notifcation about someone ringing the doorbell at 2 in the morning, which after I checked the Opener protocol was not listed there…

02:56 AM:

Then this morning, it hit me again - but this time concerning the Nuki Smart Lock:
02:54 AM:
Not visible in the protocol:

This happens when my phone is not in flight mode during the night, so mobile data, WiFi and Bluetooth is enabled.

Anyone else facing such issues? This is quite annoying and a bit scary!

Looks like a delayed sync into Nuki Web (Notifications are sent out from Nuki Web).
i.e. the Auto Lock from 20:14 got synced into Nuki Web at 2:54 witch triggered the notification.

Do you have HomeKit active & the Smart Lock added to the Home App?

Hmm, seems like quite a huge delay to me then?

Yes HomeKit is enabled and the Smart Lock is usable from the Home app.

If you don’t need it, please disable HomeKit (Smart Lock > Administration > Enable HomeKit switch) and observe for a few days if the problem appears again.

Sorry, haven’t checked out the forum in a while. Thanks for your reply!

Currently the lock is unmounted, as it did not operate very well during the last months. I decided to give it another try once I moved to my new apartment.

i do see this also at my config.
Sometimes push notification comes very delayed

(i have no Homekit)