Nuki Web (null) in log

Hi there,
I use the web API to send commands to my Nuki Smart Locks and Opener. I have created different API tokens with custom names and in the swagger I can see the correct description field with the get tokens command.

All of that, but in the activity log of my devices I only see “Nuki Web (null)” regardless which token was used. Why?

Thanks for your help.

Any developer or nuki support that can figure this out?

My API tokens have custom names set, but in the activity log I see “Nuki Web (null)”.

Please, I really need to know who is performing actions on the smart lock. Maybe it is a Web API bug that needs to be fixed? Or am I missing something?


Hi Daniele!

Please contact our support as this seems to be an individual problem and might require sharing logs and other sensitive data.

Thank you,

Ok, thanks @Orsolya, I will do that