Nuki Web Log Entries missing

In Nuki Web, I only see locking log entries of the first day i installed the Nuki. The Nuki app shows much more recent log entries.
Is there a delay between the log in Nuki Web and in the app?? Or is something else wrong? None of my Nuki ifttt triggers are firing, maybe the missing entries in Nuki Web are also related to the Nuki ifttt triggers not firing?

This could be an issue with the Nuki Web user, yes, but its hard to tell. Check for a manual sync (where can only be a delay for users shown; not for the log entries). You could also try to remove the Smart Lock from Nuki Web and set it up again.

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Hi Stephan,
Thanks! How can I do a manual sync?

On the Smart Lock detail view in Nuki Web choose Update now for a forced sync. (The Date/Time left to this shows the last sync time.)