Nuki web for notifications keeps logging out on phone

I have stopped getting notifications for the smart lock and every time I go back into notifications it says I’ve been logged out and asks me to log back in. Any solution or reason for this?

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Similar problem here: altough I stay logged in, I have set the notifications I’d like to receive several times now, but it keeps “forgetting” them.

We’ve got 2 Nukis, for both I’d like to receive “Calibration” as well as “Warnings & Errors”, but everytime I check back, all of them are disabled again.

Also the same “logging off” problem here.

From time to time it logs off automatically and i stop receiving notification.

Any more info about solving this, or what’s causing it?

Thank you.

The “log off” normaly happens if you log into Nuki Web from another device, but should not affect the functionality of push notifications in any way (you just have to log-in again to change settings).

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Thanks Stephan, ok I see. I still haven’t been getting any notifications at all despite having all the notifications for any change in the door position and lock too. I did get them at one stage but not anymore.

I realized what the issue was. I had subsequently put a pin in the app since activating the web notifications and this had caused the notifications to stop. By inputting the pin in the web page sorted it out.

Ok, understood. My home management system logs into the web API and probably causes the logging off on my phone. Can we add a feature to allow multiple log ins for certain users?

I would appreciate if you can add a feature request for this so we can see how much demand there is for it.