Nuki web API with smartlock 3.0 pro connecting to loxone

Hello, i’m trying to connect my nuki smartlock 3.0 pro (without bridge) via the web api to my loxone smart open. i only need 2 commands, open and close (unlock or lock).
in Loxone i c’ant use cURL commands but only http commands.
when following this doc:–caling-url and testing i get this message:

{"detailMessage":"Your access token is not authorized","stackTrace":[],"suppressedExceptions":[]}

This is some authput from te swagger test, it can c the state , lock id , location and all.

    "smartlockId": id,
    "accountId": id,
    "type": 4,
    "lmType": 0,
    "authId": id,
    "name": "name",
    "favorite": false,
    "config": {
      "name": "mydoor name",
      "latitude": ,
      "longitude": ,
      "autoUnlatch": true,
      "liftUpHandle": false,
      "pairingEnabled": true,
      "buttonEnabled": true,
      "ledEnabled": true,
      "ledBrightness": 1,
      "timezoneOffset": 0,
      "daylightSavingMode": 0,
      "fobPaired": false,
      "fobAction1": 4,
      "fobAction2": 1,
      "fobAction3": 2,
      "singleLock": false,
      "advertisingMode": 0,
      "keypadPaired": false,
      "homekitState": 2,
      "timezoneId": 37,
      "deviceType": 4,
      "wifiEnabled": true
    "advancedConfig": {
      "totalDegrees": 932,
      "singleLockedPositionOffsetDegrees": 0,
      "unlockedToLockedTransitionOffsetDegrees": 0,
      "unlockedPositionOffsetDegrees": 0,
      "lockedPositionOffsetDegrees": 0,
      "detachedCylinder": false,
      "batteryType": 1,
      "autoLock": false,
      "autoLockTimeout": 300,
      "autoUpdateEnabled": true,
      "lngTimeout": 20,
      "singleButtonPressAction": 1,
      "doubleButtonPressAction": 5,
      "automaticBatteryTypeDetection": true,
      "unlatchDuration": 3
    "state": {
      "mode": 2,
      "state": 1,
      "trigger": 0,
      "lastAction": 2,
      "batteryCritical": false,
      "batteryCharging": false,
      "batteryCharge": 92,
      "keypadBatteryCritical": false,
      "doorsensorBatteryCritical": false,
      "doorState": 0,
      "ringToOpenTimer": 0,
      "nightMode": false
    "firmwareVersion": 197381,
    "hardwareVersion": 522,
    "serverState": 0,
    "adminPinState": 0,
    "virtualDevice": false,
    "creationDate": "2022-06-30T18:05:30.708Z",
    "updateDate": "2022-07-02T19:34:15.875Z"

Can anyone help me to find what the issue is and has experiance with the nuki web api integration in loxone?

kind regards

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how do you plan to implement the SL3 Pro in Loxone with the Web API?

As you stated, Loxone only allows HTTP commands. However, currently the Bridge API (HTTP commands) is not available for the SL3 Pro.


In other words, on the webside of nuki there is misleading information were is mentioned that if you by a pro 3.0 you don’t need the bridge . and now i here i stil need to by the bridge to use http commands. maybe nuki should mention this on the webside.


Which is correct. The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has WiFi integrated. No bridge needed for remote access.

Yes, using the bridge HTTP-API requires a Bridge.

But point taken. We’ll pass that on to the team which is in charge of the website.

That’s very misleading. Please clarify the difference in functionality on the product page.

Only if the NEWEST Nuki lock, with PRO in the name, can communicate locally.

It is starting to be quite requested feature (and frustrating). So, you can express yourselves here:

Unfortunately, the process have to go by the pressure way. When @Juergen will be more persistent on the meetings and scream on the dev team that people REALLY want an option to communicate with theirs locks locally.

This is not how Nuki works :wink:
But collecting votes here in the forum for the feature request certainly helps to increase the awareness of a topic in roadmap & planning sessions.

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Hi Juergen.

I am system integrator and we just bought SL3 Pro to control the entrance door in our company.
I just found out there is no way to integrate SL3 Pro to Loxone via WiFi.
I would really appreciate to have the possibility in near future. The bridge is an unnecessary piece of hardware for me.
And it seems to be clean and logical step for the future as well to me.
I also ordered the door sensor (it was available only in white color and the SL3 Pro is in black color ) later, hope it will work with SL3 Pro without the bridge, there was no easily visible information regarding that.

Kind regards



And +1 More!
I am actually in the construction of my house; Loxone system will be implemented, and Just wanted to buy the 3.0 Pro because of the Wifi capabilities, but when it is really unable to integrate it to the Loxone system, than I will choose rather the cheaper 3.0 with a Hub (and from a secondhand market…).
I try to make this decision a little bit later in the next months, with the hope, that Nuki will make an update to be able the 3.0 PRO for Loxone integration.

Please, please, pleeaseee!

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Any news on this topic? Would love to integrate the Smartlock 3.0 Pro with my OpenHAB Server!

Really would like to add Nuki to my Loxone system to have the video phone and door opener in 1 app.

Just for reference: It is possible with the Nuki Bridge :wink:

You can integrate the MQTT Beta Firmware for connecting an SL3P without the Nuki Bridge to an Smarthome Hub:

For local HTTP-API access with Smart Lock 3.0 Pro without Bridge and without cloud.

I will send my nuki 3.0pro back because for me the http support is important. I use openhab with a lot of devices and one reason was that I don’t want use the bridge because this is very instable. I used it with Nuki 1.0. I don’t understand why NUKI lost customer and is not able to support a direct http access.

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+1 for local HTTP API

The local MQTT API for Smart Lock 3.0 Pro has already been launched. You should have a look at it because it is very unlikely that there will ever be an additional, proprietary local API. Local API on SL3 (Pro)