Nuki Smartlock v2 - stopped working suddenly

Hi guys,

We have a smartlock v2 which is installed at one of our clients with a very strange behaviour.

  • The smartlock did not notified us for Weak batteries, however 2 days ago after checking the logs we found out that a weak battery log was registered in the smartlock.
  • Today, the guest did report that when he clicks the button from inside to lock/unlock the led ring glowes 2-3 times without the motor moving. its just blinks.
  • Tried to check online for the logs but the smartlock don’t communicate with the bridge for some reason.
  • Thinking that is a battery issue, we removed the batteries and replaced them with new duracell batteries.

from that point on, the smartlock doesn’t work at all, doesn’t blink, doesn’t work, it seems as its entirely offline.

Can you please advice if there is any procedure to revive the smartlock or it should replaced? We have already send a message to nuki support.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



Our colleagues from support should be in contact with you soon.
A quick tip meanwhile:
Take out the batteries and empty capacitors by pressing the button some times and only then take the new batteries back in.

Regarding the LED blinking it would be good to know for our support if a certain error was shown (see

Thanks! This fixed my issue.

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