Nuki opener Tegui M72

I have a Tegui M72 intercom model that I can’t configure with my nuki opener. Intercom model is included in the compatibility check

I have try with Enhanced setup with doorbell suppression:

Black cable - port “2” on my intercom
Red cable - NUKI CLAMP (1st port)
Green cable - port “1” on my intercom
Yellow cable - NUKI CLAMP (1st port)

Disconnect port “1” wire from intercom and connect to NUKI CLAMP (2nd port)

The nuki opener detect doorbell but it isn´t open the door

I have try with basic setup:

The cabling with BLACK from the opener to 2 and RED to 1.

What I’m doing wrong.

Nuki opener has the last firmware 1.3.1

Any idea?


Hola eduardo, estoy con el mismo problema que tu. Finalmente pudiste solucionarlo? Gracias