Nuki Opener STR HT2003 GVS react to different ring

Hello there!

I’ve already wrote the NUKI-support but maybe this might be solved here more easily.
I have a STR HT2003 GVS but in total 3 bells that could be rang. The case: I live in a flat with the stairs being “open”, so the door i want to open is on my level and just maybe 2 meters away from the door to my actual flat.
These are the 3 bells

  • (A) “on the street”, it makes a buzzing-noise
  • (B) “besides the outer door”, makes a “ringing”-noise
  • © “besides my flat-door”, makes a “ringing”-noise

So for me the only case that makes any sense is to have the Opener opeining the door, when ringing on (B), which is the bell direktly besides the “most outer” door of the building.

Is there anything i could rewire to make this happen? I have a multimeter, but I can’t really find where to start. I think its just the “bell recognition”, that needs to be on the “other” line, which is connected to (B) and © i guess?
This is my current wiring, i only added the wires according to NUKI, the other, maybe strange, wires were already setup like that.


I found the wiring for my system.
If I see this correctly I have to find the wire to the RTL (the ET) one, right? But where does it have to go on the Nuki?

I was able to get the ring-reckognition to work by wiring the “ET”-line into the clamp where before the buzzer was.
Now only the ring-supression isn’t working as intended but hopefully I get this to work.

Are there any schematics on how the Nuki Opener works? e.g. where does the buzzer needs to go on the Opener


Maybe you can have Alexa or Google assitant recognise the various chimes and activate the Opener accordingly?

I recall having read something onthis topic.