Nuki Opener reconfigure and apply for 70 users

I have 2 openers that are connected to a bridge and managed with nuki web also. Access is given to 70 person through nuki web. I want to reconfigure one of the openers and rename the other and apply that for all users. What is the way to reach that and if it is possible ?

The name is stored locally at each client after the initial pairing. From thereon renaming it, does not change or overwrite the name for existing clients. This ensures that every client can rename a lock locally as he likes. e.g. if you invite me do your lock which is named “My Home”, i can rename it to “Saras Home” and it stays like that.

Then if i want to reconfigure an opener from a nuki app, does this apply to all users or only or me ?

Since My opener is not opening from the nuki app the door, but only from the intercom