Nuki Opener for Fermax 9408

Hi everyone, I just got the Nuki Smart Lock and I’m super happy and stoked with it.

I’m also planning to have the opener installed and tested but it seems my brand while present on the website has no support for this specific model (

Does anyone have any experience with this model or possible installation for it?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I am in the same situation as you, but I have a Fermax 9405, I have tried the installation that comes by default in the Fermax 9420b app and I have not been able to solve it, I hope to hear soon or I will have to return it.

One other thing I am considering is purchasing the same interface as the one provided but with wifi instead that has all the great features. Problem is it costs 180 EUR but it does have a lot of extras

I have been 9405 for a year and I already have the Nuki Opener, I will keep looking to see if the Nuki team gives me a solution, if I don’t have to return it.

Hello, Good morning, yesterday I could talk to one of the Nuki developers, he confirmed that the Nuki system is not compatible, so I will return the device and buy the Fermax with WiFi, the disadvantage of the Fermax with WiFi is that you have to open the Street sign to configure the new device and if you live in a building with neighbors, maybe this is an inconvenience, there is a video in Spanish that explains it, I hope this information serves you. Regards.