Nuki Opener connected to 1.0 Bridge ( is there any difference in Battery life time when using a 1.0 Bridge instead of a 2.0 Bridge)

Dear Nuki Team!
I was wondering if there is a major difference in the Battery life time when a Nuki opener is connected to a 1.0 Bridge instead of 2.0 Bridge.
To my understanding the 2.0 Bridge is using a more efficient BLE Version (4.0) if I am not wrong.

Can you please share some of your thoughts in regards to this matter?
Can you please also give some statements in general about the average Battery lifte for the NUKI opener?

PS: I know I can also power it via Micro USB. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !!!

No, does not have any impact on battery life at all.

Switching off the sounds and reducing the Bluetooth Advertising to “Slow” are the settings that have the biggest influence on the power consumption of the Opener.

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Is there also a bridge v2, I thought only the lock was.

No, there is no version 2.0, just a hardware-revision.