Nuki Opener and Key Pad

I am designing an entrance system for several tourist apartments.
The Main entrance door opens a vestibule with several apartment doors. Guests will have to open the main entrance door and their specific apartment door with only one code and one keypad (distances between the doors are very short, WiFi and BT reception should be available).

I plan to do an integration with NUKI Openers. Two questions:

  • is it possible to sync two openers to only one keypad (and assign one code to open both doors)?
  • if this is not working out. Is there a solution using NUKI-Locks?

Anybody a smart alternative idea? Florian

A Keypad can only be paired to one Smart Lock or Opener at once, so this is not possible.
You would need 2 different Keypads for (one for each).

You could set up IFTTT to open the Smart Lock after the Opener has been opened via keypad (general or a specific code), if this would be save/secure engough in your usecase (and you would maybe still need a fallback solution if IFTTT fails for some reason).

I found out how to make this work. Each apartment received an opener that opens the apartment door and the main entrance door at the same time.
Working fine.

Cheers F

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To be more precise, it needs a relay between the door openers. So the NUKI opens the apartment door directly and the main entrance door through a relay. I used the follwoing product: