Nuki Lock Time Setting vs App/Phone Time zone

Is there a way to see what time zone the Nuki Lock is set to versus the Nuki App that is connected to your phone time zone and adjust it? There appears to be a difference or rather a difference between the real time as displayed on a phone versus what time the Nuki lock is set up at.

When setting the lock validation period the lock is 1 hour out. I suspect this occurred because when the locks were set up it was winter time. Now we are in summer time (+1 hour difference).

App version 2.7.0 (2020)
App Device iOS
Using bluetooth only - no wifi.

After a weeks worth of very bumpy guest on boarding we assign the lock to be 1 hour earlier as a work around. I suspect we will also observe time drift as there seems to be no update of the time zone from the phone to the lock when it is set up.

Advice please.

Kangaroo Ridge Retreat

Hi Rebecca!

You can check (and change) the timezone set for your Nuki Smart Lock via Settings / Manage Smart Lock / Timezone in the Nuki App.

On the setup the time-zone of the smartphone is taken by default.

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