Nuki lock don’t open the latch fully

Hey , one of my nuki locks started to act a little , it doesn’t open the lock latch fully and after few attempts it does open or it says motor blocked and you have to use key to open . Anyone has experience with that ? Can it be because of the batteries still have 40% left

My nuki lock did the same thing. No low battery warning, still showing batteries in 30 something percent but would not open the latch. Those were alkaline batteries after a few weeks of use and am now trying eneloop pro but it is rather disappointing.

it happens that the nuki app shows 40% of battery power. however, it is just an estimation of normal batteries.

so mostly, the battery is just empty - almost already.

so showing 40% but in reality it is like 5%

changing battery = full power again.

this stopped happening since i am using the power pack. because the controller in the power pack can exactly tell how much power is left.