Nuki Keypad problem

Hello, I just bought a nuki Keypad to complete the installation. This one is placed just behind the door.

It works for a few minutes and then after a few minutes, the smartlocks no longer regulates when I type the code to open the nuki.

I have to pick up my phone then I go into the application, I press the arrow keypad for 5 seconds and then it will work for … a few minutes and then even problem.

I wish to know if the nuki keypad works with the nuki bridge because the nuki bridge at home I have problems (error 503 all the time).

It’s a shame you have a great product but I’m a little disappointed. If you can help me.

Thank you

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No, we can not help you here in this forum, because this is for developer related problems. Please contact customer support at

You should also look at the error codes the Keypad signalizes and add that information together with the activity log of the Smart Lock to your customer support inquiry.

Good luck contacting support. I’ve sent numerous emails about my keypad but not response. Very disappointed in the quality of support.