Nuki Hub: ESP32 open-source alternative for SmartLock-MQTT integration

Up and running

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I’m assuming nothing changes that much for NUKI Smart Lock 4.0 and NUKI Smart Lock 4.0 Pro ?

question from my side is how to pair Nuki opener with nukihub:

  • I checked the “opener enabled” checkbox in nukihub admin gui
  • I started the opener setup in Nuki app and came to the subprocess where it says to press opener button for 10 seconds to put opener in pairing mode with bridge (which I assume is surrogates by the nukihub esp32)
  • I tried to reboot the nukihub, as this also worked to pair it with Nuki lock
  • BUT nothing happens
  • and nukihub web gui still shows “opener paired” as disabled

am I missing something ? or is in this case the nukihub not meant to act as a bridge …


…some addon to my previous post:

  • I misunderstood the setup - I thought I put the opener in pairing mode but it is the other way round - it wants the bridge (aka nukihub) to be put in pairing mode
  • no clue how I can put nukihub in pairing mode … tried restart but without effect
  • do I need to pair the opener to bridge / nukihub ?
    thänx for any information

I have no experience with the opener, but would be better if you directly ask in the github project site.

open an issue on GH repository. this thread was made only to let users know there’s an alternative to the Nuki Bridge.

I’ve tested the delays.
commands from HA are executed after 1,5 to 3 seconds.
but status changes of the lock are reported by mqtt after 6 to 9 seconds,
which is way to slow for what i’m up to…

Smartlock 4 Pro V4.2.5beta, disabled MQTT, disabled WLAN
olimex esp32 with wired ethernet,
distance ESP32 to SL4P < 1m, rssi: -64dB

does anyone get faster status updates?

Mine updates in 1-2s. Open an issue on GH so dev can help debugging your issue.