Nuki code to be used only once

I am using Nuki with our AirBNB property and it is a blessing. Great work!
I have only one issue. The door, in order to be locked, has to have the handle raised before locking. It is a simple operation, we tell guests about this like ten times before arriving, we created demo videos, heck we even sticked a paper on the inner side of the door saying with big letters “PLEASE LIFT THE HANDLE BEFORE LOCKING”. However more than 50% of guest apparently can’t read because they try to lock without previously raising the handle - resulting in frustration, blocked Nuki motor, slammed door, even bad review for the check-in process. It has become a nightmare.
Changing the lock is not a solution because there is a system within the door frame that goes all the way up and down the door which blocks the door in four different points, and that can’t be changed.
So i was thinking: is there a solution to make the code(s) available for only one operation? Like, here is the code, you as a guest can use it ONE time, when you check-in and there is another code you can use it ONE time when you check-out and that’s that. During the stay please use the physical key when trying to lock from outside. I am thinking that when they use the physical key they are FORCED to realize something is wrong because the key won’t turn as opposed to trying to lock with the phone/fob which only results in a message on the phone or no feedback at all when using the fob.
Right now the Nuki system is connected to AirBNB and the codes are generated automatically. I am thinking i could disable that and create manually only two codes, one valid for the approximative arrival and one for their departure, however especially at arrival the hour is not fixed so i would have to give that code a pretty broad validity (like 7-8 hours maybe). And i would rather have something automatic. The idea would be to a code that can be used only once, no matter when you use it. Similar to what happens now when they receive the invitation code which can be used only once.
Sorry for the long post, i only try to describe the situation as best as i can.
Looking forward to your answer.
Kind regads.

A quick follow up: i see in the API documentation that there is support for OTP. Is this availble only as an API function or is there an easy/easier to use GUI option for it?

delete /account/otp Disables one time password for an account
post /account/otp Enables one time password for an account
put /account/otp Create an one time password secret

Thank you.

Hi Johannes!

The OTP is just a feature for the Web accounts and has nothing to do with Smart Lock authorizations directly.

Sadly our Smart Lock is not really compatible with these kind of locks (as you described).

You could set up the authorization (manually edit it) to only be valid for Check in time (and make a second for check out time), but that would be some manual work (or your own integration in parallel to Airbnb).

Or maybe the Keypad would make less problems? You can use it to lock the door from the outside, but I think that is far less intuitive and so lesse wrong usage could happen. But that is just an idea and would need to be tested.

Hi Stephan, thank you for your answer.
Well, i don’t think that there ever will be a smart lock that would work if some sort of manual action is required beforehand, it kind of defeats the purpose. But anyway, this only means that i can’t use the remote/auto lock feature which is not a problem and i can live with that.
It’s a pity one can’t create OTP for smart lock authorizations as well i think it would be a very useful feature. And you already have some seeds in the source code since the invitation code can be redeemed only once which is more or less the same principle. Maybe you could look into this as a feature for any future development.
The keypad is not an option, i don’t think it would be a safe option since the door is facing a relatively busy street. Thanks for the idea though.
Kind regards.


not sure how deeply you investigated the mechanical part of the problem. The doors in my house all had the same mechanism that you have (pull up required) as well as multi point locking. I was easily able to exchange all of them by buying a new multipoint lock from the same manufacturer but just with a different mechanism. I could even continue to use the old cylinder.

As “unlocking” always works with your lock, the best solution currently is to mount a Keypad and configure it to only unlock. If you disable the button on the Smart Lock, there is no way for a guest to close the door motorized (unless they have the app, which always offers this option). During the stay they would always need to use a key though, because lock’n’go or close with keypad and “pull up” in between is too complex for most people (In fact my kids were never able to lock the door properly, despite having the mechanism for several years. Removing it was the best choice ever …).

I have both. At the backdoor i have a pull up option for the multi point locking (four “claws” and a lockpin) to lock the door. And i’m with Jürgen that it works very difficult. But the nuki is not on the backdoor. Somehow they decided, when building my appartment, to place at the frontdoor a multi point locking that comes out when rotating the cylinder lock. Lucky, because this works without a problem with the nuki smartlock.

Hello Jurgen and Pieter.

My pull up door is exactly as Pieter described it - “four “claws” and a lockpin”. As far as how deeply i investigated the possibility of changing the mechanics of this, well, i asked a “professional” who is supposed to know and said it is very difficult and i wrote an email to the manufacturer for which no answer arrived. But Jurgen’s answer gives me hope, i guess i just need to find the really professional “professional”, ha ha.

I don’t want to use a keypad, i think it is unnecessary expense and doesn’t really solve the problem (also not very safe, since the door is facing a relatively busy street). I think maybe this kind of system (pull up) is not that widespread, especially over the ocean or in the far east? Don’t know, however i would assume that if i told a guest about this a gazillion times before arrival, with a video being made to demonstrate, notifications being spread in the house and even a ^@#% sticker being put in several languages on the door(!) they would not have an issue with such a small gesture. However after six months i just have to give up and just make it easier for them and that’s that.

Thank you for your support. Keep up the good work, Nuki is the best!
Kind regards.

Hello Johannes.

Both of my doors uses the BUVA 6320R (You can see it on the side of the door). My backdoor has a handle on both side. For the backdoor i need to pull the handle up. The frontdoor only has one handle inside. At the dutch website i see that there is a handleoperated version and a keyoperated version. I don’t know what your manufactur is.

By the frontdoor the smartlock opens the door by pulling the lockpin and claws and that is enough to open the door for 2 cm. He then releases the lockpin and when closing the door it is locked. The doorsensor sees that the door is closed and turns the doorkey 2 times.