"Nuki Bridge is defective" message when pairing

Hi, long time Nuki user and recently brought a second set of Lock+Bridge 2.0, however, for the life of me, I cannot seem to be able to pair the bridge.

I am getting this peculiar error message that persists despite many pairing attempts, updating to the beta android app and button holding on the bridge.

I dug through the app logs and found the following to be of interest.

2019-07-30 23:47:55,885 - [INFO] main .Uv:20 - Got Bridge Firmware version = 2.1.22
2019-07-30 23:47:55,885 - [WARNING] main .Uv:23 - Got Bridge v2 - but firmware version is too low!
2019-07-30 23:47:55,985 - [INFO] BleHandler .fU$a:2 - [00:0D:6F:A4:21:AC] requested ble disconnect for mac 00:0D:6F:A4:21:AC

I already have contacted support as the app suggests, but still waiting on an answer.
edit: Got a reply, but while we are figuring out logistics issues, I could still cancel the return.

However, I got to thinking and since it sounds like a firmware issue, maybe there is a workaround to flash new firmware without pairing? I would love to save both time and money for myself and Nuki.

No, unfortunately where is no way for you to flash the firmware yourself, so if the Bridge can’t update itself (from a seemingly far outdated version) you have to exchange it via our support.