Nuki Bridge Dead

Hi all

I installed today a nuki combo that i bought to use with home assistance and all was ok with the setup of the lock and the bridge, the problem is that the bridge is already dead. Doesnt flash the led when i plug it and i cant enter maintenance mode. Someone had this problem?

Hello there, when all was ok. What happened? Did you try to connect it with home assistant? Did you plug it out maybe when it made an update?

I would try to unplug it…let it without energy just for ten minutes…plug it again and try to get connection by pushing the button for more than 10 sec. If this not helps please contact Nuki support by mail.

You should always be able to enter maintenance mode, when you hold the button while you plug the bridge into the power outlet. It will directly boot into maintenance mode.

I have just installed all with the nuki android app. All was ok. Nuki lock connected to the nuki bridge and to the servers. Then i went to dinner, after it, i opened the app and checked that the lock was no longer connected to the bridge. Then i checked the bridge and it was completely dead.
Tried multiple things. Plug it for some time, plugging pressing the button, unplug for 1 hour and plug again. Nothing, no led flashing, phone cannot detect it with the app. Completely dead. I have opened a support ticket! Let’s see what happens.

Thank you!

Well i cannot find any .bin firmware file, but i see that the bridge has a Espressif ESP-WROOM 02. I am not gonna open mine for now, but i could try to flash the firmware if i can get my hands on a .bin firmware file. Anyone has it? Would be nice.