Nuki 3.0 Pro - Behaviour


Fitted my smart lock combined with a Ultion cylinder and lift up handle which comes from Ultion as a complete set.

I have had a couple of calls to Nuki support, trying to get my lock to work with my lift up handle, I have the type that you lift the handle on the door to engage the locking points before the key can be turned.

After all that, it is all working ok, apart from one bit of odd behaviour. If I push the button on the smart lock to lock and unlock the door, the door unlocks and you can re-lock again with the button without touching the handles if you haven’t opened the door, so the latches are still in place in the door frame.

But if I use the app to unlock and then immediately try to re-lock it shows and error and tells me to lift the handle. On trying with the door open so I can see what is happening, I observe different behaviour.

Using the button, the door bolts/lugs stay in place, so as long as I haven’t touched the handle it will re-lock again. If I use the app, on unlock, the door is unlocked, but the door bolts/lugs are also retracted. Thus you can’t immediately re-lock as the handle now needs lifting.

Sorry for the long first post, but still learning :slight_smile:

With a lift up handle the Smart Lock does not know if you pushed down the handle (and therefore retracted the bolt) or not. It can also not sense if you lifted it properly before locking.
Therefore the App will always show a warning before you try to lock the door. The Smart Lock itself can not show warnings, therefore it performs lock actions (e.g. via button or automations) as if the handle would have been properly lifted.

Relocking without pushing the handle in between is a specific case, because it would allow you to lock without lifting the handle. But as the Smart Lock does not know what happened with the handle inbetween the unlock and lock commands , it will still show the warning.

I.e. lift up handles need a bit of education. Once you know how it works and once you get used to lift the handle whenever you pass through, you can use the Smart Lock almost without restrictions.

Thanks, that is what I thought. But why does the bolts retract if you use the app, yet they do not retract on their own if you use the button? So two different behaviours when unlocking. Hence if I use the button and do not touch the handle, I can unlock and lock straight away. But with the app, as it auto retracts the bolts once unlocked you can not lock again unless you lift the handle, even if you haven’t touched the door. If there was a key in the lock or locking from the outside, you can not turn the key full to lock if you do not lift the handle. Does the Nuki sense the key in the barrel can’t rotate fully, therefore not show locked when it isn’t? Or am I excepting to much :slight_smile:

Does any of the above impact lock n go, as sometimes it works, sometimes if you press the button twice from locked, it just unlocks and then locks again immediately thus if I have the door handle down and leaving, it shows the door is locked and it obviously isn’t. Just need to understand what does and does not work and how the Nuki behaves.

Most likely because you are issuing an “Open Door” (unlatch) command from the app, while the button triggers an “unlock” command.

That depends on the calibration of the Smart Lock. It can only sense the position of the key and - if fine tuned properly - it can detect whether the lock is locked or unlocked after it ran into a motor blocked scenario (because of the handle not beeing lifted before). You can manipulate the position detection within certain boundaries with the Nuki App.

Lock’n Go via the button (double press) does unlock, wait some time (the configured waiting time) and lock afterwards. If you have a Nuki Door Sensor it will relock a few seconds after the door sensor reports that the door has been closed, which gives you some time to lift the handle in between.

Thanks everyone, some great information, lots of options, learning is a steep curve.