Nuki 2.0 upgrade program date limit


little late, but I want to upgrade my Nuki 1 to a 2.0 via the upgrade program (, but I am not sure how the date limit of 28.2.2019 is applied. Do I just need to order the new one until than or is sending back the old one necessary until the 28th?


Hi Christoph!

Please call our support for a definite answer to that.

Thanks, did that -> order date of Nuki 2.0 counts…

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I know i am to late but is the upgrade program still available ? ore could u make an exeption?

Tbh I am not sure if anything is still possible here as the timeline is long gone now. Please contact our support at for information on that.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.
If you need help with updating/checking an integration you did for Smart Lock 1.0 for the Smart Lock 2.0 (which should be more or less checking everything is o.k. an eventually adding door sensor info) you can contact me directly via PM.