Nuki 2.0 Sensor sensitivity

Hello, I oued like to know if somnole can tell me how sensible si thé n’existe door sensor. I today own a Nuki 1.0 And the sensor is something intersting for me and thaï soule mare me swap to 2.0 but il dépends on how il works.
How Manu millimeters ouf door openeing are needed to de test il as openened and is il configurable ?
Thankd for tour help !

It really depends on your door and how near you can place the magnet to the smart lock.

In general a dedicated door sensor could for sure be more accurate, but the one in the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 should be accurate enough to detect a door just leaned against the door frame. In practice it will be more accurate though if you leave it open 2-3 cm when calibrating,
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