Nuki 2.0 not showing state on pressing button

Hi All,

I’ve got. 1.0 and 2.0 lock and my 1.0 will show the status of the lock if the button is pressed. For some reason my 2.0 just wont show the status for a single or double press.

I’ve gone into the settings of the smart lock and it is selected to show the status of the lock.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this? And what I can do to try fix it? I have removed the batteries to reset it but still doesn’t show.


Hi Nelson!

To be honest I am not sure if I understand you correctly: I got a Smart Lock 1.0 and a Smart Lock 2.0 in front of me with the same settings and they both show the lock status while doing a manual (button) lock action (and also if turning the knob a bit)

You can get help from our support at by e.g. sending them a video of the difference between the two version that you observe.

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