Nuki 2.0 Not easy to push button

I noticed while using the lock that there is no “click” on the front button.

It is kind of hard to press to get a response from the lock. It seems kind of stuck. It does work, but i feel i have to press much as there is no tactile or click feedback. At times it looks as i push until the plastic squeaks in order to e sure i get an action out of it.

Is it normal?


It should make a small click sound and not feel stucked.

Please contact our support under or via phone as this could be an individual problem with your hardware and might require sharing a video or some purchase details.

I have the same feeling from my nuki 2.0. Also pushing the button in the center of “circle” is hard and in most of cases does not react. I have to push button around the edges and not in the center of button.

Same opinion.
V1.0 reacted more precise with clear click feedback.

Same thing here, version 2.0. I will be able to test it a bit more in a few days, but the first feeling was that there was no clicking feedback to the button.

Same here: it works, but it’s not the best (actually one of the worst) tactile feedback I ever experienced.