Nuki 2.0 HomeKit features

Hi! I own a Nuki 2.0 and I’m quite satisfied with it, however, it lacks a bit of features in the HK integration that, somehow, can be added using HomeBridge plugin, for example. I wonder why can’t they be exposed by you on the HK itself.

I’m talking about door status (open/closed) and a toggle to unlatch the door. Sometimes I’m at home with the door unlocked and my wife comes and has to lock/unlock in order for the door to latch/unlatch. Also, with HK, if I’m out and by mistake I toggle the unlock in the HK, the door opens because it unlatches, that’s really a security issue, and I think that there should be a way to unlock without unlocking and also unlatch alien.

That’s a bad UX in my opinion with some features that should be easily exposed. Of course, that if I use the Nuki app she can open it right away, but I’d rather use a single app for everything.

Any plans on exposing this features to HK? I already have homebridge but I’m trying to have there only accessories that don’t support HK at all.

HimeKit features are highly restricted by Apple and this has already been discussed several times here, see e.g.

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