Nuki 2.0 Button option

Hi. I’m currently looking to purchase Nuki 2.0 with the family option. My concern is that my letter box is only 10-15cms away from my keyhole, and I’m worried someone could stick something through ang trigger the unlock command from outside. Is they and option to disable the unlock command only? I want to keep the lock command from inside.
Any help would be appreciated.

You can completely deactivate the button function on the Smart Lock but not limit it to certain lock actions.

Generally speaking: Mounting Nuki on a door with a letter box means that you have a key permanently mounted on the inside. Therefore it’s wise to secure the letter box with a guard so that any form of physical interaction from the outside towards the Nuki device (or key) is not possible. There are several different solutions available for this usecase ->

But you can set the single and double press actions to locking actions only.
e.g. lock and lock& go

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… and don’t forget to deactivate BLE pairing.

So technically I won’t be able to unlock from inside without my phone. That’s what I want. :+1:

BLE pairing? Can you explain what that is. Mine is on its was so should be here by tomorrow and will want to make sure it’s secured properly.

There are 2 ways to add a new user/device to the Nuki Smart Lock:

  • Adding via holding the button for 5s in order to bring the Smart Lock into pairing mode (and also the other device that you want to pair)
  • Inviting someone through the App

If you block the button option by switching BLE pairing off in the settings you won’t be able to add anyone anymore (e.g. when you loose your phone, remove the App or similar). You have to factory reset it in this case. But it also means that nobody who passes by has the chance to pair himself.