No battery level percentage


After one month of using the battery’s that come from nuki, i got the rechargeable battery’s from eneloop pro.

When i want to check my battery level it said:

Is this normal? Because they are reachable batteries but they are not charging in the nuki:)

The old batteries showed me percentage in the colum : battery level

Now I guess i can only see the percentages when i press 7 times on the text. Did i do something wrong by putting the batteries wrong, but than i wiuld think the nuki wouldn’t work.

Any one knows that this is normal?

I’ve had this too. The batteries were nearly depleted at the time - once they’d been recharged the percentage came back.

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Below 20% it just says critical and no %tage. Reason is that it‘s impossible to determine when they will ultimately fail to lock/unlock the door. Could be at 0% or 15% depending on many factors. Rather than waiting until this happens you better change them when they become critical.

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Thank you all for your answers and I will check it out when i recharge my batteries or get a message when it’s critical! I will keep you posted!

Thanks again and happy New-Year!:slight_smile:

Can’t tell what the actual battery level is, but a couple of days ago it was 100%.