Night mode tries to lock already locked door!?


I activated night mode to lock my door every evening on 22:30 o clock. Now I recognized, that nuki tries everyday to lock the door again, if it was already locked before. I can hear that because of the sound of the motor.

Why is nuki doing this? This is battery wasting and useless.
Why does it not check current status before trying to lock (like it also does during the day when I say nuki it should lock the door)?

When night mode becomes active the Smart Lock turns the key to the 2x locked position. If you locked manually before and did not fully lock it or just lock it 1x, there will be some motor movement. If you locked it 2x with the button or through a command from the app before, there won’t be a movement when night mode becomes active.

I locked it 2 times by turning the wheel by hand and hear every day that sound of the motor movement at 22:30 when night mode begins. That should not be and that is the reason why I opened that thread here.
Could you please fix that problem?

Hey Jürgen, how long does the motor moves? Is it just shortly just to reach the end position or did you checked the lock, if you manually reached it?
I lock the door in the evening by pushing the button and I don’t hear anything cause the door is like it’s configurated. I only get the notification that Nuki tries to lock the door again.

I hear the sound very short, I would say around 1 second. But it is useless and battery wasting.
Why is nuki doing this?

I recognized following now:

In both cases nuki is locked completely (2 times):

  • When I lock nuki before night mode begins by pressing the button: There is no motor sound when night mode begins.

  • When I lock nuki before night mode begins by rotating the wheel with my hand: There is a motor sound for about 1 second.
    If I look into the nuki app after I locked 2 times by rotating the wheel then nuki knows that it is locked already (so it recognized the manual lock). But why is it then trying to lock again when night mode begins??

Could you please fix this bug?