Multi Connect

Please what’s the advantage of multi connect?

It allows several devices to connect at the same time via Bluetooth to the Smart Lock. This can be helpful in some cases, e.g. when your Smartphone unlocks the door, the bridge can already connect and sync the changes back into Nuki Web while your phone is still connected. Or when you leave home and lock the door with the Keypad, the Keypad can connect to the Smart Lock despite the bridge synching the door sensors „door opened“ and „door closed“ events. Depending on your usage scenario there can be multiple other cases in which Multiconnect helps to deliver a smoother experience.

Is there a way that Nuki dorsen‘t lock the door
if there some orher peoples are in the House?
Means only autolock if the last person left?

The smart actions work locally on your phone so we can’t evaluate the position of every Nuki user for a Smart Lock.