Mounting-Profile is going off!?

Have anyone also the issue, that the Mounting-Profile is going off with time!? I have a nuki-lock mounted on the Door for more than a year, and the stickiness of the mounting-profile was going less, until it is now nearly falling off from itself!? What can I do, - momentarily I have taken off the lock, because I can’t use it anymore with the mounting-profile?!

Please contact our support via the Nuki App (Menu > Help > Contact Customer Support) for help on this topic.

Hello again!
Thanks, I got a new Mounting-Profile-Sticker for free! I wanted to put it on, but the residues of the first Sticker before, is on the Mounting-profile and the Lock, - do you know, how I get them off, or should I stick the new sticker just over the old sticker!?

Rubbing it off with the thumb before you apply the new one is usually the most practical way.

Ok thanks, will try it!

Thanks, - I was able to remove the residues from the old sticker, and after using the new sticker the lock is holding very well again, - of course, I cleaned all with Propylalcohol before using the new sticker!

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