Mottura Champions Pro lock

I am still wondering whether Mottura Champions Pro lock is compatibile with Nuki smartlock 3.0; according to Nuki call center it should be compatible although not included in the list of lock brands. Has anyone already installed it with such a lock (Mottura)? Another question: can I use my key from outside once Nuki smartlock is installed? Thanks for answering. Nadia

The first I can’t answer, but for the second, you need a lock with emergency function, means that you can unlock from outside with a key, even when inside the a key is in the lock, and this function will not prevent from nuki (its actually mandatory for errors), and so for, if your lock can do this now, it will also can do it with installed nuki.

Yes, it has emergency function that is to say I can open my door from outside even if the key is in the lock from inside. Thanks for answering :slight_smile: