More than 200 users

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I’m sorry if I could find info in an other post but is it possible to manage more than 200 users ?

I’ve to install some Nuki’s with a lot of users and my last question was this users management :slight_smile:

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The Smart Lock 2.0 can store up to 200 permissions. After you reach 200 permissions old ones have to be deleted, before you can create new ones.

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But I don’t get it: you can store more than 200 permissions but you have to delete old permissions when you reach 200…

I guess you mean:

Nuki 2.0: more than 200 permissions
Old Nuki: 200 permissions

is it correct ?

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No, it is:

Nuki v.1: 100 permissions
Nuki v.2: 200 permissions

My example just should explain that the number of concurrent permissions is limited.

Also note that the 99 keypad codes you can use (if you have a keypad paires) are not additionally counted towards the permission limits listed above.

Sorry, I had a problem with translation… In my mind “up to 200” was like “more than 200”. Sorry about that !

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We want to use the Nuki within a tennis club with approx 250 members.
I’m looking into a workaround for the 200 users limit: is it possible that users share the same smartphone credentials? E.g. a family of multiple people (father, monther, children), can they share the same credentials on their individual smartphones for the Nuki app among their own family so it accounts for 1 registration within Nuki?

App authorizations can not be directly shared to prevent easy copying of them.

For a single case with 200+ users we would suggest to use a Nuki Keypad and hand out entry codes to groups of people (100 entry codes possible; additional to the 200 app users)

The other alternative would be to use our APIs to build your own integration and logic for using Nuki authorizations, which would require respective development effort.

If a keypad adds 100 individual access possibilities on top of the 200 app users, our problem is solved and i’ll go for 200 app users + 50 codes. I want to make sure that access is on individual basis so nobody will share their code. But are you sure that 100 codes are added? In your reply of 28 Feb to “Yatoo” you indicate the following:

“Also note that the 99 keypad codes you can use (if you have a keypad paires) are not additionally counted towards the permission limits listed above.”

Please let me recheck this with our support to be sure I didn’t miss something up.

@SuperM Thanks for getting back to me as there really has been a mess-up in my answers.

In fact it is:
You can store up to 200 app/fob authorizations and 99 Keypad access codes (additonally).
If you reach a limit no more users/codes can be added before you delete old one.

P.S.: And that’s why I should not answer such questions directly but always relay to our support who is here to know such things. :smiley: