Mode for doors that don't lock

Product name

Nuki Smart Lock


I live in Finland where usually doors don’t get locked properly. They automatically “lock” when you close them, you need to push down a handle to open them from the inside. From the outside you twist the key half a turn and pull the door open. On the inside there is a knob and no keyhole.
I managed to set up the Nuki by playing around with the door calibration and it works pretty well. All the Nuki has to do is to open to door briefly and then lock it again.
It would be great if this mode could be supported better by the app, the setup was a bit tedious, I had to play around with the manual calibration for a long while. Also now the door always shows up as “open” although it is “closed”.

Please let me know if you need any more info or explanation.


Detailed description of desired features.


The door shows up as open although it is “locked”. Setup would become smoother for other users that aren’t as handy.


Pretty much all the doors in the Scandinavian countries + Finland :slight_smile:

p.s.: I had to mount the Nuki upside down because the handle on the inside was too close to the bolt.