Missing function on FOB

Good morning,

I am missing the following function on the Fob: open the Nuki 2.0 without pulling the latch. In the settings of the Fob I only can find

  • Intelligent
  • Unlock (including pulling the latch)
  • Lock
  • Lock’n’Go
  • No function

I would need a “Open lock without pulling the latch” additionally. The reason why is the following:

My alarm system is triggered by the status of the Nuki lock. If the lock is opened the alarm system is turned off. As we have a time delay between the opening procedure and the callback to my smart home system I will get an alarm if the Fob opens the door with pulling the latch in one go.

If we would have the “Open lock without pulling the latch”-function I could e.g. klick the Fob once to open the lock, wait until alarm system is turned off and klick the Fob twice to pull the latch and open the door.

As the function itself is already existing under “Auto Unlock” / “Expert settings” / “Enter geofence” --> “Open the lock” (and not pull the latch) it should not be a big issue to enable this also in the Fob.

Thx in advance!

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No feedback on this?


Similar issue in other situation.
I disabled all the button functions of the front door lock and use a fob to unlock the door from inside home. But it’s not possible to unlock the door without unlatch it this way.

I found out that if you change the door type into handle instead of button/bars, than it will works, but it will remove the unlatch option on the widget.

Please update fob configuration to unlock door without unlatch it.

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Please write a proper feature request so that people can vote for it. This will help to give the topic more visibility.

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