Manually change lockState without rotating / using key on Nuki

Hi all,

I am afraid that there is not going to be a solution for my issue, but I still feel the urge to at least ask for input:

  • Nuki 3.0 Pro with bridge and door magnet
  • ioBroker-integratation via Nuki-adapter
  • Lock with anti-panic functionality from the inside

Whenever the anti-panic functionality is executed by pressing the door handle from the inside (door opens without any rotation of keys) the Nuki obviously “fails” to recognize that the look is no longer locked but unlocked.

Thus, I have to manually start a calibration.

Is there any possibility to change the lockState via script from locked to unlocked, e. g. via ioBroker or any other form of automation without the need to rotate the key for Nuki? I know that it will probably be a experimental solution, but still I would love to try.

Looking forward to any ideas.



Does issuing an “unlatch” command after the panic function has been used, resolve the position loss of the lock?

Hi Jürgen, I have not tried that yet. It is indeed a plausible idea depending on how Nuki interprets the unlatch-command while the lockState is locked. If unlatch also includes unlock in that specific case it may cause motor blocked.

I will however try that and keep you posted.

@Juergen, I liked the idea of unlatching the Nuki. Unfortunately, if the lockState is set to locked unlatching seems to include unlock which will result in a blocked motor.

Do you hava any other idea?

E.g. is there any possibilty to change the values for state or lockState directly?

Try to send a “lock” command after the unlatch. The Nuki will most likely drive against the fully locked position and afterwards remain in correct “locked” state afterwards (i.e. it is repositioned, knows that it is locked and is fully functional again).

No. Your cylinder is basically not compatible (because of the panic function) and you can regain the correct position only by issuing a “position run”. There is no command for that, but the Nuki does it automatically when it detects a possible position loss (= motor blocked) or when the batteries are taken out and reinserted.

Thanks for the additional ideas and the feedback. I will try the combination of unlatch and lock.
What a pity that it is not possible to manipulate the lockState directly. That would have been the most elegant option I assume.

Second best option would be so execute a lock-action although the lockState is set to locked. But I guess that this wont work either because Nuki is too smart to do that. In this specific case, being smart is a shame :wink:

This might be of interest to you: