Make HomeKit/Nuki mapping selectable to enable users to trigger the “Unlock” command to the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 instead of triggering the “Open Door” command

Now that Nuki smart lock 4 is announced, it is also confirmed that Matter 1.2 will have the distinction between unlock and open. Since HomeKit supports Matter, I was wondering if it is expected that Apple will update HomeKit so that it will also make a difference between opening and unlocking, following the Matter standard.

I realise that this is something Apple will need to answer and confirm but maybe it’s obvious knowledge and that this is expected to do so.


Hi, i don’t agree with that, HomeKit doesn’t supports Matter as per say, in fact it’s the Home App that supports Matter (and AirPlay 2 for the record), so no, i don’t think Apple will do anything to HomeKit regarding to Matter support for unlock/open.

The last HomeKit spec update is 2 years old. It’s unlikely that Apple will change much in HomeKit going forward.

With the launch of a new Smart Lock featuring Matter support, instead of updating the existing Smart Lock 3 Pro to support Matter (similar to Philips’ approach with the Hue Bridge update for Matter support), it’s evident that Nuki’s marketing strategy prioritizes selling new products over supporting current users.

This long-standing, highly requested feature for selectable mapping would have been implemented by now if their focus was different. As a disappointed customer, I will no longer purchase Nuki products and cannot recommend them to others.

My advice is to avoid spending time creating feature requests or explaining what’s already clear. Instead, focus on finding more robust, reliable, and customer-centric solutions.

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Ok, thanks for the correction.

If the home app supports Matter 1.2, will this feature likely be implemented there? Or is that unlikely because it is depended on the underlying HomeKit.

Interesting thought. You think that because Matter will take it over?

This is up to Apple if they do it and when.

Apple is one of the major promoters of Matter and very active member in the CSA (the standardization organization behind Matter). It’s obvious that they focus on Matter and integration of Matter features into Apple Home rather than further development of the HomeKit standard.

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We stated very openly - much more open than anyone else - that a new hardware iteration for almost all products that move to Matter will be needed, because of the high ressource demands that Matter has. i.e. older Smart Locks can not run Matter.

Philips Hue Bridge 2
Launch date: Oct 2015
Matter update: YES

Nuki Smart Lock 3 Pro
Launch date: Nov 2021
Matter update: NO

Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions.

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