Maintenance Mode is not working


want to update my NUKI Smart Lock to 2.7.20, but I can’t get in to the maintenance mode when I push the button nothing happens. It’s very disappointing. Always problems with updates! I’m tired!

Batteries are changed.


@Salvatore_Genovesi when changing the battery pack you should press and hold the big button and push in the battery pack. It worked for me. This procedure is also known as “factory reset”.

Thank you, but it didn’t help. It’s like dead when I push the button. Just when I press next something happens, but hust the positioning and nothing else.

Yeah it’s a little bit difficult
Push and hold the button then press “Weiter” in the app and continue to hold the button (!). Then the complete led ring of the smart lock is flashing - continue to hold the button (!).
Hold the button until only the upper part is flashing and then release.

Hi Patrick, as I do that the complete ring flashes yes, but than the Nuki begin to recalibrate. No flashing upside. That’s my problem.

Where can I get some support?

Through customer support: or

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

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Try this way:

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Same issue here.

Nuki support told me to factory reset my Nuki, after telling them that my Nuki constantly broadcasts its Bluetooth signal. But it’s impossible to do a factory reset, the instructions do NOT match the behavior of the Nuki (firmware 2.14.5), and on top of it, the continuous loud noise is making me crazy.

Unfortunately, I only saw once the full circle lighting up, and I can’t make it happen again.