Magnetic Doorsensor

The magnetic door sensor is causing problems. I have already calibrated the sensor several times. Nevertheless it happens again and again that the lock is closed, although the door is still open (wide open). It would be useful to have more real-time information about the lock’s current status.

@jpk : you mention sensor and lock.
In my understanding they are unlinked today.
So if your lock closes when the door is open, this isn’t influenced by sensor

Or do you want to say that the indication is that the door is closed, even though it is wide open?
We have a wooden door with metal inlays.
I would say most of the time the sensor works. it malfunctions when the door is kept open for too long time, but then it works again when calibrated.
I am not sure how the system works i.e on a metal door.

Yes, i will say this!

You can try with different positions of the magnet and be sure to open/close the door slowly during calibration when asked to.
Door material and temperatures can have an influence, but if the calibration works the sensor should still be able to handle this.

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