Locking failed (0x08) with no notification

hi all,

i have a double question/issue.

  1. i’ve had my Nuki v1 fail to auto lock/lock ‘n’ go a few times in the past a year, with this 0x08 error (battery related? the batteries are almost new and i change them frequently, and that’s not the point).
    it would get stuck while locking, but then unstick itself after a few seconds and re-calibrate to an incorrect position. it would go from full unlocked to full locked and then back to unlocked (not properly unlocked, but in some almost locked position). and then it would stay unlocked or whatever it is and never actually lock itself.

  2. so i figured i’ll turn on “Notifications/Warnings and errors” (Android app) to be aware when this happens, but then it happened and i didn’t get a notification?

i’m guessing the first issue is a bit more complicated to fix, but can you at least make the app send alerts for this error?

Error 0x08 is “incomplete”. For a Smart Lock 1.0 this can mean that a locking action could not be finished for some reason. This should not happen regularly and you should contact our customer support about it.

Regarding warnings: Yes, this error is not included at the moment. But I will check the possibilities of expanding error notifications. It is always best to set up a feature request for something like that so we can more easily see if there is a bigger demand (and in that case for which errors).

thanks Stephan.

the lock being unable to finish locking sounds like a serious error and it would be great if it was included in the notifications :slight_smile:
please look into it if you can, and i’ll open a feature request as well.