Lifi / VLC compatibility

Beyond Bluetooth, will Nuki become also Lifi / VLC compatible?

As far as I understand it, this is something completely different hardware-wise. What exactly was your idea behind it?

I also split it up to a sperate topic as it has nothing to do with our BLE GATT services info.

Hi Stephan,
Yes, LIFI / VLC or NVLC uses light instead of radiowaves to connect and communicate in light speed. For me it’s the future of IoT. Applications are similar to NFC, RFID or BT, but offers more security and highest speed.

Why? I am leading the development of an innovative Small & Smart wind turbine (VAWT), called Luxéole Sky Media. To enable the users to interact with this new infrastructure in private (and public) areas, without interfering with other WiFi and telecom networks, a Smart Light Connection Module, I named LiFiLooK will be developed. LiFiLooK can be compared to the NUKI FOB, but works like a TV remote control with a LiFi-chipset. Associated to a biometric authentification (fingerprint), this offers the most secured, stable and quickest way to connect and communicate with any connected device (or lock…) nearby, using light instead of radiowaves. So, my idea is that it could be interesting, if LiFiLooK would become NUKI compatible in near future…

What do you think?

Ah, I see.

One of the key features of the Nuki Smart Lock is, that it is not visible from the outside.
What could an external control (i.e. from outside the door) with such a transmission technique in our case look like?

You would need a photodetector hidden somewhere

The problem with radiowave frequencies is that the spreading data, crossing walls and doors, remains vulnerable.
The problem with LiFi-frequencies outside and in public spaces is:
How to secure / encrypte the dataflow in the lightbeam between the “emitter” (FOB / LiFiLooK, keypad, token, etc.) and the “receiver” (LiFi-photodetector near the doorlock, in a wind turbine, garden- or streetlamp, i.e.)?

I filed a patent for an additional “dynamic optical encryption key generator” that can be incorporated in a wind turbine of any size.

For now, I don t think an additional LiFi-encryption method relevant for NUKI applications, as the user is near or in front of the doorlock. Although, I will need it to enable the citizens to connect easily to Luxéole Sky Media VAWT stations with LiFi-router, either in their garden or in the city.

Let me know what you think…