Lifespan of a Token

I installed Nuki Opener + Bridge, 2 days ago.

I want to control my door via the API.

I generated a Token through the web interface and I am using the Swagger with no problem.
I drive the Nuki Opener via CURL commands from a Mac OS terminal without any problem.

On the other hand, according to §4.3 of the “Nuki Web API V1.3.0” documentation, Tokens are supposed to have an unlimited lifespan, as it is written:
“API tokens do not expire, but they are destroyed when the password of the corresponding Nuki Web account changes.”

However, I realize that after a few tens of minutes the Token seems to have expired and I then get the message “Your access token is not authorized”. Of course I never changed the password as explained in the doc.

And if I delete the Token and regenerate a Token, the CURL commands work again perfectly, then 1 hour later, identical error message => “Your access token is not authorized” !

Can you tell me how to fix this problem and get a Token that never expires or is “authorized” all the time.

Apart from that the product is great, maybe the mobile app which freezes a bit when you play too much with it and I also detected a bug with the “guests” which I will report in another post.

thank you,