Issue - battery- Bluetooth


I have the second version of Nuki, I noticed that the battery consumption was different than the first version (which I also had some time ago). But I didn’t pay to much attention to it, until 12 days ago when I the door didn’t want to open and I saw that there was a symbol of low batteries in the app, pretty strange as the new batteries (Duracell) were in the Nuki for maybe 7 weeks.

Yesterday the Nuki didn’t respond again, not even the led, so I guessed I had to change the batteries again (new Philips batteries). So that means that in ONLY 12 days the Nuki consumed new batteries. Also strange that I even didn’t receive any alarm of low battery in the app.

Now it is working but for how long??

I’m pretty concerned because I’m interior architect and I have installed already quite some devices in the houses of my clients. I really hope they don’t experience the same issue. I must say I’m quite disappointed. I’m so happy that at least I changed the locker so even when the Nuki is not responding I can manage to enter with my normal keys, otherwise it would have been a very costly situation.

Please let me know what I have to do with this not working device.


Please contact our support via or for more direct help on youe issue.

This forum is focused on developer related issues.

1 week…no answer from contact email. What can I do? Again 4 batteries are empty just after 1 week

If batteries are empty so fast with normal usage on a well working cylinder/door and no integrations running (which could keep the device awake) it could be a defective unit, but only our support can trigger a replacemant if needed.

They should get back to you soon.