Is there a way to prepare the lock for a request to temporarily reduce latency?

I have built my own presence detection system around my Nuki 3 Lock, Home assistant and a few ESP32. Everything is working consistently, except for the lock itself.

Its responsive (less then 1 sec latency) about 60% if the time, the remaining ones it takes 5+ seconds for the lock to react.

Since I know the lock has to perform an unlatch action 1-5 min before it takes place, is there a way to warm up / prepare the lock and the bridge to reduce latency? Maybe by preventing it from sleeping or by reducing the polling time between the lock and the bridge?

The lock is already set to “Fast” in the settings panel.

Would restarting the bridge, say every night speed up the connection? Or maybe every time the lock has to be used?

  • Nuki Lock 3
  • HACS Nuki plugin Home assistant
  • Lock version 3.4.9
  • Bridge version 2.14.0
  • No errors in Home assistant while unlatching the lock
  • Lock RSSI -51 dBa
  • Bridge RSSI -61 dBa
  • Bridge callbacks are on
  • Lock battery 73%

You can not really prime the Smart Lock by sending a request a few minutes earlier. What you can do is unlock the door already earlier and unlatch it just when you are in front of the door.

It might make sense to try to find the reason for the >5s delays before you try any counter actions. The problem sounds a bit like BLE connection retries:
Please first check if your lock is affected by this problem.

Next step would be to look at the /log output of the bridge API and compare a slow unlatch with a fast one to find out if it really is BLE that is slow or something else.