iOS 15 Home Key

I would love it ;)))


No it’s not :confused:

They’re implementing things, but priorities are wrong, right now there might be a fingerprint and stuff, but no matter, no home key plans yet :frowning:

(Article is written in German :de:)


And I would buy a new Nuki if it supports this!

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Liebes Nuki Team,

Ich bin auf der Suche meine Schlüssel endlich los zu werden. Das Apple HomeKey ist der erste Ansatz, der für mich Interessant ist, da hiermit auch die Apple Watch mit Express Mode unterstützt wird. Daher bin ich derselben Meinung wie flux_copacitor. Nuki wird erst interessant für mich, wenn

  1. Express Mode mit Home Key ermöglicht wird
  2. Ein NFC-fähiger Sensor/Keypad mit Home Key Integration erhältlich wird, mit dem ein Summer/Buzzer zum Beispiel via Nuki Opener angesteuert werden kann

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn beides von Nuki in Zukunft unterstützt beziehungsweise entwickelt wird.

Viele Grüße!


I’ve installed the new keypad today and… I can see why the Nuki team did focus on fingerprint/faster electronics rather than trying to fight Apple on their HomeKey requirements.

The only reason why I would have loved HomeKey is speed. My lock auto-unlocks when I approach the door and that’s super fast but sometimes you just leave the apartment without leaving the geofence and… you either take your phone out and unlock the door (takes 20 seconds or more) or you use a pincode on the keypad (10 seconds-ish). HomeKey would have been faster in both cases (assuming you have your phone handy).

Keypad 2.0 solves it for me. It unlocks the door in around 2-3 seconds which is quicker than any other options. I can still share codes rather than sharing HomeKeys so that’s the same functionality. Cost wise…well… the new keypad is not cheap but it’s sooooo fast. Honestly, I don’t see a single use case where HomeKey would have been better. If someone has a use case, please post it on here so we can help the team design towards it.

Until then, kudos Nuki team for the Keypad 2.0.


Thanks for posting this, as I was wondering how quick the keypad would be. I suppose many will have been hoping for a similar experience in terms of speed, but without spending the (significant) price of the keypad.

Also I can’t help but think the keypad is a missed opportunity to have implemented an externally mounted device to add home key capability.

Received and installed our Keypad 2.0 yesterday, and thought it worth sharing that our experience mirrors yours Paul. It has been rock solid and consistently opens the lock in about 2 seconds, which is MUCH quicker than using either Apple Watch or iPhone.

OT somewhat, but my only wishes now are:

  1. I’ve realised you can’t have fingerprint (only) enabled, you have to set a fixed 6-digit code as well. I’d love to be able to enable fingerprint only, to avoid the possibility of someone randomly trying (or witnessing one of us entering a code!). Enhancement requested.
  2. In physical terms I do wish the keypad were slimmer in terms of thickness, even if at the expense of it being wider. Presumably this design is driven by the batteries living behind the buttons, circuity and fingerprint reader.
  3. It would be amazing if the keypad itself had NFC and could enable homekey by acting as an externally-mounted reader.

I echo your thoughts. what I did is creating a separate totally random code just for my fingerprints. I have my regular code for everything else (although I haven’t been typing any codes so far, fingerprint worked every single time).

They could have a special type of authentication which is fingerprint only. I guess they’ve opted for an MVP implementation to improve later (if people requested Nuki to improve).

Would also love Apple Homekey.

Seems like a no brainer to access customers looking for a device with that specific feature…sells itself.


The Nuki Blog has some informations about Home Key:

… Nuki has always been open for integrations with the major software platforms out there. No doubt, Apple HomeKit brought a huge push to the industry and also to the Nuki Smart Lock. So we are well aware of these benefits and have targeted NFC support in the Keypad 2.0. However it turned out that Apple has requirements for HomeKey that the Nuki Smart Lock can’t meet and the same limitation will also be true for most other retrofit Smart Locks in Europe. …

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Yep, I’ve read that article when it came out.

Honestly, I don’t care anymore about HomeKey at all. The fingerprint sensor is so fast that HomeKey would actually be slower :slight_smile:


I still want homekey. When I have my hands full with shopping bags I don’t have a finger to press the keypad which is also too high when lifting heavy bags.

But holding my wrist near the door lock would be much easier

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So still no plans for home key? Sad.

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Aquara u100 has Homekey and not nuki??? Something strange happened

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Where did you get that U200 will support HomeKey for sure? The U200 doesn’t exist yet…