iOS 15 Home Key

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:pray: please make it. We love Apple. We love Nuki too.


Will not come for Nuki.
Linked article is in German Language, but they state it will not be available neither for Lock 2.0 nor for smart door.

Maybe a hardware addon like the keypad could make the NFC hardware available to existing Nuki 2.0 locks. Apart from that, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work


Any update on this since iOS 15 drops tomorrow? Let’s hope they can add it! Or if a homebridge plugin could add it…

No. Apple hasn’t released a HomeKeys spec to developers (i.e. not everyone can use it) and everything else is under NDA (i.e. you won’t hear anything from anyone involved until something is officially announced).

Buy a cheap NFC tag, attach it to your door, connect it via the Shortcuts-app to open the door is nearly the same experience right?



HomeKeys is - most likely - easier to set up (= something that non techies can do) and works on the Apple watch too.


If you want it you can add here your vote


Any news regarding HomeKeys? Will it be possible to use this with the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0?
Or will it need further changes within the hardware?

I’d also like to know. I’m not sure whether I should wait for the new hardware update because of this or buy Nuki 3.0

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Thanks for sharing. That feature is blocking me of buying a Nuki.
First one that has this feature will be my future lock :slight_smile:

I won’t buy a Nuki smart lock neither until it gets Apple Home Keys with Express Mode.

I see two issues of the NFC tag + Shortcut vs Apple Home Key:

  1. There is no Express Mode, hence no power reserve when the iPhone has ran out of battery.
  2. I don’t know if Apple policy has changed wrt to security devices (that includes smart locks) but last time I checked it was impossible to simply unlock a door through an automation without answering a security prompt before. That means unlocking the phone, touching the notification and validate the warning is mandatory in this case, killing all the benefits of the simple swipe gesture of the iPhone in front of the lock with no need to even awake it.

PS: In my memory there was some hack allowing to bypass the security notification that prevents such complete automation, using a dummy HomeKit smart plug as a middle man to trick HomeKit by hiding the security nature of the script, but this again adds cost and complexity comparing to Apple Home Keys.

Cut to the Chase : is it planned soon?


Yes! Please!!

The feature is on the road map now ?

I would love it ;)))

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No it’s not :confused:

They’re implementing things, but priorities are wrong, right now there might be a fingerprint and stuff, but no matter, no home key plans yet :frowning:

(Article is written in German :de:)

And I would buy a new Nuki if it supports this!