Intercom wiring confusion

Hi, finally got my Nuki and installed the smart lock but having trouble with the intercom. I was under the impression I had a bitron an0002 but the wiring instructions differ to my diagram. I only seem to have 4 connection points in my intercom which appear to be 1,2, A and A0.

I’ve just done some more research and it appears I’ve got 1,2 9,6 currently connected, although not in the exact alignment per the labelling… Is it fine to re-wire it per the instructions but leave out the green cable which was supposed to go to C7(call(electronic))?

I went ahead and wired red to 1, orange to 2, blue to 9 and black and purple to 6(although those last two don’t line up with 9 and 6 I’m assuming they are). Problem is this wiring isn’t working

Hi Craig! Did you ever manage to resolve this?