Intercom audio integration

Product name

Open and App


Sinds the Opener is connected to the speaker and microphone of the intercom it would be very nice if we talk and listen remote via the app to the persons who are ringen the bell.


When the door bell is presses and optional audio connection is made via the Opener and optional the Bridge to the Nuki app.


The way we can determine if you should open the door or not and you can also inform the ringer that you will open the door

Would be very good to have this done. It would then really become an alternative to DoorBird.


Can we please get a statement from the dev team, if this is even in consideration?
This should be one of THE essential features of the nuki opener.
Opening the door can easily also be done with an esp. Talking and listening is a whole other point.


Is another thread with the same topic Audio and Video support for Opener - #8 by dlo, so maybe it must be merged.
If not, I share my two coins:

I believe it must be a problem for nuki servers add audio traffic, so I suggest one solution with two features

  1. add a sip client to enter our own and private credentials, with autocall feature to anoter sip client (working this autocall in local, probably users will disable push notifications to cellulars, so less issues to nuki servers); in my mind is attachd audio wires, configure one sip account in opener, and optionally a sip cliend in nuki app (sip users have already sip client in cellulars, but it would be a good integration)
  2. add a premium monthly service for people that doesnt want to deal with sip, just an “plug & play” solution working with nuki servers (basically, sip autoconfigured with nuki sip server)

For a person living in a building, audio feature (via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) is the minimum to decide to open or not.
Also, we need audio is connected to the smartphone and Alexa or google home.


Yes please! I would pay extra for this!